Austin Witches Circle



We are a collective of local witches gathering for events, community, celebrations and collaboration ~ Join Us!

Our Collective Intentions Are

1. Maintain a Fun, Active & Creative Community of

Witches, Pagans & Magical Folk

2. Feature Local Handmade Arts, Crafts & Wares at Pop Up Markets

3. Organize a Variety of Interactive & Educational Workshops

4. Host Seasonal Solar Holiday Events

5. Promote Other Local Witchy Activities

6. Support Each Other in Our Goals

Austin Witches Circle Advocates the Following Principles

Trans Inclusive Feminism / Anti-Patriarchy / Equality of All Genders

Acknowledgment and Respect of Individual Identities

Creativity / DIY / Handcrafting / Local Artistry

LGBTQIA+ Awareness & Encouragement

Anti-Racism / Anti-Ableism


13 Goals of a Witch

Know Yourself

Know Your Craft

Learn and Grow

Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

Achieve a Balance

Keep Your Words in Good Order

Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order

Celebrate Life and Accept Death

Attune with the Cycles of the Earth

Breathe and Eat to Thrive

Exercise the Body


Honor Nature

-Adapted from Scott Cunningham